Watermelon Pizza’s for H2coco’s launch of H2melon


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Chomp recently worked with H2Coco, producing bespoke watermelon pizzas for an event launching their new H2Melon, watermelon water at Woolworths head office.

At Chomp it’s not all about corporate catering, in addition, we love to work with exciting brands to develop something unique and food oriented. This healthy twist on an Aussie favourite had the watermelon’s topped with fresh fruit, berries, cashew cream, edible flowers and coconut chips.

You can find out more about this cool beverage brand here: http://www.h2coconut.comWatermelon pizza and corporate catering Sydney

The team at Chomp love working with PR companies as well as directly with brands to help them come up with unique ways to promote themselves using food. Something different, eye-catching and tasty is a great way to get people talking about your brand and building awareness through shared media posts. If you have an idea you want to run past us, please get in touch.  We would love to help you produce something amazing to get people talking about your company.

  • Watermelon pizzas for H2coco


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