Super Salad Selection
Super Salad Selection
Green Garden Catering salad
Crisp Crunch Catering Salad
Lemon Grill catering salad
Miso Magic salad

Super Salad Selection


MIN ORDER: Snack size - 6      Main size - 4     Share size - 1   

Packed full of mouthwatering ingredients, make friends with one of our hero salads for a healthy and exciting lunch that won’t leave you hankering for a portion of fries!

Crisp Crunch - Frisee salad leaves, purple cabbage, edamame, broccoli, roasted carrots, toasted seeds and apple & soy dressing - [VG/GF]

Lemon Grill - Shaved zucchini salad with spinach, corn, fresh mixed herbs, cherry tomato, roasted cashews, grilled chicken and lemon & dressing - [GF/CN]

Miso Magic - Brown rice & spinach, roasted sweet potato, cucumber, miso eggplant, pickled ginger topped with fresh & crispy shallots served with wasabi mayo - [VG/GF]

Green Garden - Mixed leaf, semi dried tomato, cucumber, red onion, artichokes, capsicum, radish, grilled chicken and herb dressing - [GF]