breakfast catering

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  • Brekky Burrito

    Our brekky burritos are a soft, warm tortilla filled with:
    – Free range bacon, scrambled eggs, grated cheese and spicy tomato sauce.
    – Brown rice, black beans, scrambled eggs, grated [Vegetarian]

    $8.00 each
  • Oui Oui Croissants

    All butter croissants, cut in half to share…or not.

    Croissants filled with prosciutto, brie and our house made relish and for the vegetarian option; mushroom, avocado and brie with house made relish.

    $9.00 each
  • Smashed Avo on Sourdough

    Smashed avo on sourdough toast with a choice of feta cheese, thyme roasted mushrooms or smoked salmon.

    $9.00 each