Antipasto grazing platter ideas to be the talk of the bbq

Summer is on the way and the invitations are hitting your inbox for barbeques, a family get together, Christmas lunch. You’re obliged to bring a plate and you start scratching your head, don’t stress, this antipasto grazing platter guide will make life easy for you.

The antipasto origin is Italian, literally meaning ‘before the food’. It now forms a big part of our event catering and you will find most grazing tables loosely based around this traditional first course of an Italian meal.

Make sure your antipasto platter is heaving with ingredients. Fill empty spaces with nuts, grapes and crackers.

Antipasto checklist

This checklist for making an antipasto platter will have you nailing your contribution to the event, catering like a pro, getting tongues wagging and your food devoured.


Start with your cheeses and mix it up, soft, semi-firm, aged and blue. We like to use a brie for soft and camembert is good too. Manchego is our favourite at the moment for semi-firm, also gouda and cheddar. For blue, nothing beats a Roquefort with a slice of quince paste to balance out the intensity.

Cured meats

This is easy, prosciutto and salami. Most specialty butchers can help you choose a selection.


Fresh and dried, will brighten the platter with colour. Go seasonal and try grapes, strawberries, figs, cherries, baby vine tomatoes, a mix of olives and dried apricots. Artichokes are also a great addition.

Crackers and Lavosh

Try a couple of different crackers. Wafer and water crackers are great as a simple cracker that doesn’t overpower the cheese, whilst rosemary crackers provide a nice savoury flavour. Don’t forget some lavosh, these thin crunchy crackers are definitely a favourite. It’s quite easy to make your own, have a look at this recipe on Channel Ten’s, The Living Room.


Quince past, chutneys, a little honey and a sprinkly of nuts will top off your platter and will leave you proud as punch.

Buon Appetito, from the team at Chomp.

Download our handy antipasto shopping checklist for your next trip to the supermarket.