Time to go heavy on the garlic and it’s antioxidant rich friends by tucking into a bowl of steaming, soul soothing soup, slurping on a hot toddy and feeling smug that you are wearing an invisible. FLU FIGHTING vest. The soup recipe can substitute any seasonal veggies and you can use home made or good quality chicken stock along with left over roast chicken if you want to add meat.

When you feel a cold creeping in or as a preventative to getting those miserable chills, get a pot of this simple tea brewing daily and you will be sure to keep nasties at bay.

  • Fresh ginger, lemon and manuka honey tea

The Ginger Tea can also be heated up with freshly grated turmeric for some extra spice.


Ingredients – tip: buy the freshest ginger you can find and you  re use by topping up the water all day and keeping the original ginger, a little goes a long way.

  • 50g of fresh ginger sliced
  • 1x teaspoons of NZ Manuka honey
  • juice of half a lemon
  • 4x cups of water

Add the ginger to cold fresh water and bring to a rapid boil, turn down to a strong simmer, lid half on and wait 15 – 20 mins for the water to turn brown. Carefully pour into a mug, leaving the ginger in the pan, add 1x teaspoon of honey and a squeeze of half a lemon and drink. Top up the pan with fresh water and set on a simmer for round 2. You will notice the water has halved, that’s a good concentrate there!

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